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flag Omán Omán 350 TPH


This mobile plant on wheels in Sohar manufactures aggregate for quality asphalt and in the future in other areas of Oman, hence they need easy portability equipment. In addition, thanks to our impact crusher ICR-S Tauro 50E we can offer great versatility for different projects. It is our first Lemming II in the Middle East and it has been well received.

flag Mexico Mexico 150 TPH


This quarry belongs to a well-known manufacturer of prefabricated products that crush granite to obtain three different materials: sand 0-4mm, fine gravel 4-10mm and coarse gravel 10-20mm. Thanks to our jaw crusher and impact crusher get the desired cubicity to meet the high quality standards for construction that are higher than the Official Mexican Standards (NOM).

ARJA Portugal 2019

flag Portugal Portugal 400 TPH


This quarry is located in the south of Portugal to carry out the infrastructure work of Faro Highway. It works with dolomite material that is ideal for providing aggregates for concrete and gravel for the subbase. ARJA always supporting major international projects.

Flag Mexico Mexico 200 TPH


This basalt site worked with a Sandvik CH440 cone crusher which has been replaced by an ICR-S Tauro 30E impact crusher to improve performance and production quality. According to the client, the resulting material is now much more desirable for making asphalt and concrete than before. In fact, before with the cone 50/60% was returned, and now with an ARJA impact crusher that rate is 15/20%. Lastly, we have several successful projects in Mexico, and we are very happy with the positive results.

Flag Alger Argelia 600 TPH


This quarry consists of two parallel production lines (two impact crushers per line). The project entails building a rail and road network from the Moroccan border to the Tunisian border to link the most important cities of the Algerian coast. It is considered one of the most important civil works in the world which ARJA provide the best solutions in the treatment of aggregates.

ARJA Lebanon 2017

flag lebanon Lebanon 100 TPH


The new requirements of quality in the manufacture of the concrete have caused the prohibition of the use of natural sands along with a limitation of the percentage of filler below 7%. Between 80-90% of the stone from the Lebanese quarries is limestone. This specific mineral when crushed generates a high percentage of filler. All concrete manufacturers are currently facing the same problem. Thanks to our Compact Hydrocyclone Group WP-GH 836E, the client has achieved a clean (0-5) sand, with a filler percentage of less than 4% and a production of 100 TPH. On top of being a pioneer in the country, he has achieved a concrete with better characteristics, saving on quantity of cement and additives.

ARJA Egypt 2016

flag egypt Egypt 500 TPH


This crushing plant is strategically located in Suez Canal area as its expansion would build new residential and industrials states. The dolomite rock is crushed with a 30% of silica to obtain material for civil works, such as concrete and asphalt. ARJA configured three impact crushers together maximising the performance. Two impactors performed sizes 25-150 mm and the other impactor delivered a return material of mayor size 25mm. Key Facts: two cones were replaced with ARJA impact crushers, it yielded to a quality improvement of the final product and the quarry itself. The client was very satisfied with the outcome.

Kenya 150 TPH


The aim was the provision of high quality of aggregates to meet the demand of concrete, sub-base graded material, and agglomerates sectors. This plant will satisfy the need of new road schemes that will improve national infrastructure. At first, the client was sceptical about impact crusher dealing with the hard and abrasive porphyry basaltic rock in Kenya; however, he expressed amazement when ARJA jaw crusher and specially the impact crusher obtained the cubic shape required just in one pass without cones or vertical axes. Fact keys: it indicates the evolution in the method of crushing conceived in Kenya and other countries of Africa.

ARJA Russia 2014

flag uruguay Uruguay 100 TPH


This quarry site is the perfect example of a complete small plant that treats granite to obtain an optimum material for the manufacture of concrete. Both, the primary and secondary station, have ARJA crushers which represent the main value of the project. The client manifested a great satisfaction specially with the delivery time and also how commissioning was conducted by ARJA team at his quarry site, taking into account that he required a fast, flexible and totally reliable service in order to meet his timelines for the imminent building of a new hydraulic dam.

flag spain Spain 400 TPH


Salt mineral plant with the goal of producing a high percentage of fines. Due to the high hygroscopicity of the material, the biggest challenge was to screen it properly, sorted out by installing 2 ARJA screens. Salt is also very corrosive; the entire plant was painted with a special protection coating. ARJA was the chosen supplier due to the quality and the short delivery time.

flag qatar Qatar 600 TPH


These plants were designed to provide 0-6 mm dolomitic sand for bedding a 50km pipeline. The sand had to have a perfect gradation curve, keeping the filler in the limits. There was a non-detected vein of abrasive flint that made the Ni-Chrome consumables wear out quicker. After implementing ARJA ceramic consumables technology, the project feasibility went back to the planned figures. Quick commissioning and certified consumption of consumables made the customer choose ARJA.

ARJA Algeria 2014

flag alger Algeria 1000 TPH


Two parallel 500TPH lines to provide 1000TPH, crushing dolomite with 30% of silica content. The goal was to have a constant production to satisfy a huge demand. ARJA was chosen due to their reliability and quality proven on the previous three turnkey plants delivered to the customer, the impact crushers’ performance compared to cone crushers and ARJA’s capacity to technically and logistically handle projects requiring over 50 containers.

ARJA Russia 2014

flag russia Russia 300 TPH


A complete turnkey ARJA plant to substitute an old cone crusher plant. Due to the abrasivity of the granite crushed, the main goal was to produce a cubic shaped product in a feasible way, matched with ceramic consumables, plus the high reduction ratio of ARJA impact crushers. Therefore, the customer has increased its competitiveness against local competitors. ARJA was chosen due to its good reputation in dealing with abrasive stones with the new generation of impact crushers.

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