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The ARJA impact crusher and its presence at SIM 2017

ARJA participated for the first time in the SIM 2017 industrial mining congress, held in France. On this occasion, the exhibition took place in Metz, since each year it is held in a different city. This group, leader in the aggregate sector in terms of crushing and screening, attended this fair supported by its robust equipment, among which the impact crusher with its powerful rotors stands out.

Regarding the impact crusher, its four categories that offer great service reliability were included:

1) Geminis has a great feeding capacity and low crusher fines production.

2) Tauro can handle very hard materials with great versatility thanks to its hydraulic setting.

3) Libra is a crusher that offers secondary and tertiary crushing in a single unit.

4) Piscis offers an excellent granulometric curve.

In short, SIM 2017 managed to practically mobilize a total of 4,500 people, including 2,050 attendees and 2,000 professionals from the sector attending the 310 stands, among others. A sample of the competitiveness of the ARJA group is its presence in this exhibition that has been consolidated in the French-speaking market and in which its robust equipment, among which the impact crusher was the main representative, had an outstanding role.