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Two Lemming II

From our factory, two Lemming II mobile secondary crushing plants have left, one of them with an ICR-S Tauro 15 impact crusher for South America and the other with an ICR-S Tauro 50 impact crusher for the Middle East. Both mobile groups are on wheels for easy portability without the need for vehicles and / or special accessories. In addition to the ICR-S Tauro impact crushers characterized by great versatility, they are also equipped with a precriber, metal detector, a permanent magnet and a receiving hopper. All components such as bearings, cast iron, electrical equipment are strictly selected with the highest quality.   Do not hesitate to purchase a mobile crushing plant Lemming from ARJA:
  • Cost savings: built-in speed variator and Dinaflow System
  • Eco Friendly: ceramic casting and motor performance optimization.
  • Security systems: accessibility criteria and ease of use.

Take it where you need it!

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