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ARJA Impact Crushers RENOVE Plan

ARJA’s RENOVE plan hopes to promote the modernisation of impact crushers in quarries and improve productivity to increase competitiveness. Therefore, replace your old ARJA impact crusher for a new or reconditioned one with the latest technology and improved design. The used impact crusher is repaired in our workshops in compliance with Arja Certificate requirements for reconditioned equipment which include:
  • The same warranty as a new impact crusher.
  • New transmissions and fully inspected axles.
  • New casting in the areas showing most wear, keeping 30% of the used casting.
We pick up your old impact crusher and bring a new or reconditioned one to set up in its place, configuring the machine’s settings and operating instructions. Below you can see the RENOVE plan of a Spanish client who has come to trust the ARJA brand. In this video a used ICR- S Tauro 25 is replaced with a new one.    
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